Introduce the Mifne Treatment to the United States.

The Mifne method has shown to produce profound developmental gains in infants and toddlers diagnosed with autism within a short time.  MifneUSA, in collaboration with UCLA, is currently conducting a research project studying the intensive portion of the treatment.  The results of this study will increase the motivation to offer the Mifne treatment method in the United States.

The Mifne Intervention Program

Mifne (“turning point” in Hebrew) was established in 1987 in Rosh Pina, Israel
by Dr. Hanna Alonim.

Since its foundation in 1987, Mifne developed and has been delivering a unique method of treatment to infants and toddlers diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders from all over Israel and the world. The multi-component intervention model recognizes the importance of individual intensive treatment and parental and family participation. The nuclear family takes an active part in the intensive treatment which begins with a 3 week residential stay at the Mifne Center.

A follow-up study of 45 infants and toddlers treated at Mifne between 2007-2012 indicated that following treatment, 88.3% of the infants treated before the age of two developed typically.   Families around the world go to Israel to seek treatment for their infants.  MifneUSA’s end goal is to bring this method to the United States and make it accessible to local families.