Mifne USA’s current project and vision
We seek to raise funds to support a study that will  examine the 3 week intensive intervention portion of the Mifne Method.  We hope the results of the study will draw attention to the Mifne treatment methodology and increase the motivation to establish Mifne centers throughout the United States. 

About the Study
UCLA Assistant Clinical Professor Ted Hutman, PhD and in collaboration with the Mifne Center will conduct a study that will focus on identifying the changes that occur during the 3 week intensive treatment in which the toddler and his family receives daily intervention at the Mifne center.  The study will:

  • Analyze small video clips of therapist/toddler and parent/toddler interactions and capture the changes throughout the treatment. (A minimum of 22 to subjects will be analyzed in order to have the statistical power to draw clinical conclusions)

  • Draw conclusions regarding the transformation of the interactions between the toddlers and their parents.

  • Inspect how the Mifne Method affects the toddler’s ability to connect with others during the short 3 week initial treatment.

  • The timeline for this project will be 2 years in duration.

Funding goal

Thank you in advance for helping us with this important work.   We welcome further discussion about  this project.
Please contact Wendy Parise, MA at
parise.wendy@gmail.com or Noya Dekel, PsyD at dinagaya@gmail.com for any additional information.