About Us

MifneUSA is a non profit organization that was founded in 2007 and received nonprofit status in 2013. It was created by some special education and mental health professionals who believed that the Mifne method can fill some of the gaps not yet addressed in the current services offered for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders in the United States.

The founder, Ms. Margie Wagner,  was impressed by the Mifne method.  She was convinced the method’s focus on enabling the infant to  build meaningful connections with others was better at targeting the core elements of the disorder than any other treatment method currently available. She believed the level of care and guidance offered for the entire family was outstanding, given the fact that these families were facing such a lifelong diagnosis. She was determined to provide such quality treatment for young children in the United States.

After Margie Wagner passed away in 2015, a group of professionals she recruited for this organization continue to work towards the organization’s goals. Our current project  is to complete this important research study.